Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation is never something that anyone looks forward to.

Any lawsuit that involves real estate or property is often the most stressful time for property owners.

Having an aggressive, knowledgeable real estate attorney in your corner can make a huge difference when it comes to real estate litigation.

Lawsuits involving real estate can tie up a property for years in litigation.  Prolonged real estate litigation never benefits the property as it often sits idle during this time.

When disputes are inevitable and involve a significant investment in Property or Title, you’ll want an experienced Michigan Real Estate Litigation attorney protecting your interests. Attorney Dominic Silvestri has helped property owners for over 10 years litigate their real estate cases.

Has a lien been filed on your property?

Have a dispute with a contractor?

Have a dispute over a contract for the sale/purchase of real estate?

Have a dispute with a neighbor?

Is there a defect in your chain of ownership title that needs to be cleared so you can sell or re-finance?

Attorney Dominic Silvestri knows Michigan Real Estate Litigation and will aggressively represent your real estate needs.  Attorney Dominic Silvestri is also a licensed Michigan real estate agent and a licensed Michigan Builder.  As a former civil engineer, Attorney Dominic Silvestri lives and breathes real estate.

Need some information about your property? Here are some helpful links to our local Register of Deeds that allow you to search your property records online:

Wayne County Register of Deeds

Oakland County Register of Deeds

Macomb County Register of Deeds