Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and Landlord Tenant Laws

If you are a landlord or tenant in Michigan, it is crucial to understand how the Michigan Medical Marijuana laws affect your rights. At first glance you might think: what does smoking pot have to do with my investment or my tenancy?! From a Landlord’s perspective: If your tenant is a qualified patient, it could … Read more

Why Every Landlord and Tenant Should Have an Attorney.

Why Every Landlord and Tenant Should Have an Attorney. Let’s be honest: Most people don’t WANT an attorney. Most people only hire us when they NEED an attorney. Determining when they NEED an attorney is, for the most part, purely subjective. Until a lawsuit gets filed. Then it becomes objective. And necessary. Today, as I … Read more


A 1031 like kind exchange for real estate is a provision in the IRS tax code that allows a person or entity to defer paying tax on any gain from the sale of real estate. Here’s how it works in a nutshell: Say you own a commercial property or rental home and want to sell. … Read more